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Firmware devices

Please do not update the firmware on your device if it works well. These updates do not improve device performance.

For recovery of the device may need to update the system shell and operating system (firmware). Normally, this service is provided in the official service center. However, if you, for whatever reason, there is no way to contact the Authorized Service Center, we offer the opportunity to download from this site, the firmware and install it. To do so would be to perform a clear sequence of actions described below:

1. Put the contents of the .rar file onto an empty microSD card
2. Insert the microSD card into the device
3. Power-on the device keeping the power button pressed for ~5 sec.
4. The FW update should start.

If it does not start, try the following:

1. Same as above
2. Same as above
3. Press and keep the power button pressed. While keeping the power button pressed, press the reset button for ~2 sec using the stylus and then depress the reset button, still keeping the power button pressed for another ~5 sec.

To download the firmware for your device, select the model below the device in the drop-down list and click Download.

Choose your firmware, manual or software update