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New navigation software from Mireo - Don't Panic

Mireo DON'T PANIC on-board turn-by-turn GPS navigation offers stunning performance at an incredibly low price providing you with an unprecedented value. Mireo's 4th generation flagship navigation software has a wealth of great features including an advanced smart search, lightning-fast route calculation and a simple, easy-to-use interface.
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The new ES 515 - huge storage, slim looks

We've just launched our new revision of ES 515. Boasting a huge 4 GB of internal storage, the new ES 515 comes perfectly fit for those new, detailed maps of Europe, which don't quite seem to get along with only 2 GB of integrated flash memory. More than that, with 4 GB you can even store some of your music, videos and photos on your new GPS device, without resorting to the use of an additional mircoSD card.
A new and advanced Atlas 5 CPU, running at a hefty 533 MHz, together with a beefy 128 MB of DDR2 RAM memory, make sure the navigation software runs smoothly and take care of any 3D buildings needed to be renderd on the map.
All this new technology comes beautifully packed in a slim, 13 mm thick, gun-metal case with rubberized back. Clean and simple lines define the exterior, so your new ES 515 is in touch with today's modern tech trends. Wohoo!

News #2

It was launched a new version of navigation software Mireo BlackEdition 3.1.

News #3

We have just launced our newest GPS navigation device: NorthCross eSCAPE 404 with Atlas IV technology! It is filled with the latest GPS hardware from Sirf, latest Mireo software and the maps from September 2009, specifically tailored to meet the needs of those wanting the best in car navigation.