Welcome to MIREO Black Edition software section!


We are proud to use one of the most popular navigation software World Wide. On this site you will find many information about the software. Have a nice stay and feel free to use the contact form if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

NorthCross is one of the first GPS brands using navigation software from Mireo. Mireo software is leading in overal speed performance, the only one providing high level of the details on the map as well as far the fastest and most accurate in searching. We are also working close with Mireo on developing new features and improvements suggested by You, our users and friends.

Mireo navigation software is the leader in Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and Latin America also used by some of the biggest navigation brands World Wide under different name and with different feel and look. We are proude to provide genuine Mireo software, Black Edition, the most up to date solution, and the only solution you and we are able to influent with our suggestions almost instantly. Send us your suggestions and we will subscribe you on Mireo Developer Awards. You might also receive great incentives from Mireo and North Cross.

Mireo 3.1 functions:


Fast and intuitive interface


Transparent icons to choose instantly. Mireo Map require only few first letters of city and street name to find the address you are looking for. It’s the fastest way ever!


Line assistant


Turn right, keep left - it is helpful information. But if you know from which lane you should start this manevour - it is PERFECT!. That's why Northcross gives you this oportunity!


3D Buildings


Discover most famous buildings in the city by watching them in real 3D textures! You can do a virtual sightseeing trip in places you have never been before! Textured 3D buildings will help you in landmark orientation.


GeoPix - Photo Navigation


Download millions of geotagged photos from Internet or create your own and let Northcross navigate you to them


POI PLAZA compatibile


Share custom points of interests with thousands of other GPS users on www.poiplaza.com community!!! You can download latest speed camera warnings, as well as hotels, shops, brand fuel stations, ATMs etc. selecting from almost 2 000 000 POIs database!


TMC support


Our software works with TMC receivers, helping you in avoiding traffic jams, accident places or road reconstructions. When turned on - program automaticly recalculates alternative road.


Speed limit information


When your speed exceeds local speed limt, you will be noticed by special sign, displayed next to your position marker. It disapears automaticly when you decrease your speed under the limit. Remember - obey road signs first!


Speed-cameras database for Europe


Avoid speed cameras traps along your route! Thanks to NorthCross devices you will be noticed in advance about speed camera localization


Street orientation


Avoid entering one way street, using latest map data features!


Route waypoints Inteligent optimalisation


All you need to do is just mark the places you wish to visit. Northcross Map will find them and list them accordingly on the route making your journey fastest.


Google like POI search


Are you looking for your favorite restaurant, hotel or your bank’s cash dispenser? You can find it on the route or in needed area.


Auto day and night mode


Colors which are seen on the display screen change automatically to prevent your eyesight from getting fatigue. Your safety and comfort count most


3D view


Realistic, three dimensional map view means you won’t get surprised with an unexpected turning and overtaking will be safer. You can smoothly change angle of view from standard 2D to 3D.


Detailed route description


Check all details of your route displayed on one screen. Check main turn points, look at it on map. Check exact lenght and predicted driving time.


Adjustable Trip computer


When navigating, some information is displayed together with map. You can lock by touching the screen which data you need to see. You can for example minimize "next turn" sign, or lock Time to destination, or actual street name.


Avoid next


When you suspect trouble on road before you - just tell Northcross to avoid next 1 or 2 kilometers and find alternative way!


Car, Truck, taxi or pedestrian mode


Mark the type of vehicle you are driving and the program will adapt the route to its nature.


Fast route (re-)calculation


Instant route re-calculation if you deviate from the planned route


Fastest, shortest and optimal route


Not only can the program find points of interest and show the route. It will also calculate the route according to your needs in order to reach your destination as fast as possible


HOME function


Add your HOME location as special favorite place. Use one touch to return home from every place on Earth!


Record your Route


Activate it by pressing red record button on the map. After you finish - easily brows simple speed, altitude or time graphs. You can also export this data to KML and open in GOOGLE Earth. You can see, if person who borrowed your car - really took care of it, and drove according to the law.

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